About Us

Sangeetha Mobiles Pvt Ltd is South India's largest mobile retail Chain dealing in leading international and Indian Brands of mobile phones and accessories headquartered in Bangalore.

Founded by Mr. Narayan Reddy in 1974 in bangalore selling gramphone Records have travelled a long way the last 43 years to be synonymous with mobile phones.

Today we continue that journey under the dynamic leadership of Mr.Subhash Chandra , Managing Director

Driven by the strong team of 2000+ passionate people we have set up 326 stores across south india and believe in our strength OUR PEOPLE 

We have many firsts to our credit.From being the first retailer to sell a mobile phone with a bill way back in 1997 to offering insurance fo mobile theft,physical and liquid damage ,pick up and drop service of your mobile phone we have been really crazy all these years with our innovative value added services.

Today we offer 4 unique value added services which no other retailer offers .

1.Price protection: if the price of the mobile bought at sangeetha drops we pay back the customer

2.Damage Protection: if the phone bought at sangeetha is damaged [ even if it is broken into 2 pieces ] customer gets a new phone at 50%.No questions asked .

Time to settle 10 minutes

3.Theft Protection: if the phone bought at sangeetha is stolen customer gets a new phone at 50%..

Time to settle 30 minutes from submission of required documents

4.Assured BUY BACK : If you are not happy with the phone bought at sangeetha we buy it back at 80%


No wonder more than 12 million + customers depend on sangeetha for their mobile needs